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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Hi ?

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Assalamualaikum. Wow ohmaigosh I can't believe it's already April 2017. Rip my blog. I'm like, the worst blogger ever existed and I'm not kidding. Look at my blog, so dull and empty. Yeah, pretty disappointed in myself. I should have posted something after SPM because I have tons of free times what was I even thinking? Huh. Okay, so, I'm getting pretty busy again because it's nearing my "crucial month". Well um to be exact, last year's SPM takers crucial month. All of the results for UPU and Matriks and other universities will be out next month tsk tsk mommy😭.

This Sunday, 23rd April, I have an interview at UiTM Dengkil for Tesl course and I'm super nervous for it. I haven't talk in english for months! I only typed stuffs, I don't do talking😂. Wish me luck! Pray for me! I really want this! I need this course! This is like the only thing I'm interested in (don't mind me being dramatic lol). I'm worried about my grammar and vocab. I don't know much formal words because I only uses words for daily chitchat a.k.a survival kit. 힝 무서워요😭. What if I suddenly slipped my tongue and says something in Korean or Japanese or maybe even Arabic lolololol. So scared as I never been to any interview before.

Well, let's just wait and see what'll happen this Sunday. InshaaAllah everything will be alright. Pray for my success🙇. Life must go on....but for now I need to pause my life and sleep. It's already 10;20pm. For you, you, you and you who are diligently reading this sudden update of me being a drama queen about continuing my studies, thank you so much for keeping up with this dull blog, my not so cool english and thank you so much for knowing that this blog existed. Every single one of you are precious. Stay you, because there's no one youer than you💖

Love, J♥