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"Tak Kenal Maka Tak Cinta"

 Hi and good evening. Wah wah look at my tittle~ tak kenal maka tak cinta *giggles alone*. Ok so I just wanna do a short update about my university life. Days passes by faster than I expected. I already attended 4 classes in total and I already have 2 assignments wuuu~Yeah,, I haven't finished any of them (rip xP). Good thing is, I have a lot of new friends! Like, tons of em and I am officially really happy to be here, studying. They're all super friendly and nice, and everyone is just so cute you know! The only thing that frustrates me a bit is the number of Whatssapp group created. Ya Allah there's more than 5 groups already (just for classes, faculty and assignment group) *face-palm*. My phone will 'ding!' every seconds and if I go offline for even 30 minutes, there'll be hundreds of unread messages gosh~ hahahahha

 I only have morning class today (CTU) cuz our ELC got cancelled. Miss Nadiah is busy with EPT students. *whisper*gred A english…