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Friday, 25 March 2016

Let them know that I'm still alive

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Evening Earthlings! I guess some of you are still awake, right? Well then let's continue with this update. Sorry if this post is going to be a bit boring or annoying or whatever that is going through your mind because seriously I prepared nothing beforehand. So yeah, here it is. First of all, I just finished my UB1 examination. The results? Well, not bad. Seriously. Better than last year. All of my marks got higher than last year except for Biology, Chemistry and Arab language. Truthfully, for Chemistry and Arab, yes I admit that it was my fault for not trying to improve and study more about them. But as for Biology, I just don't get it! Why?! I freaking read the whole chapter! The marks that I got for Biology was just shocking. I..... Idk~

The second activity that I did for this year was on last week. I joined an MTQ (Majlis Tilawah Quran) competition and I'm in the Qiraat Sab'ah category. Hah! Of course, I didn't win. I didn't even know that we need to read those sentences with or using Tarannum. duh~ If not, I would have the win. Why? Cuz I got all the Qiraat right. Poor me for not knowing how to Tarannum.

Ok, now what? I don't know what to talk about anymore. I'm out of ideas. What did I even do last week? Wow, my life is super boring. Well, anyway I managed to achieve my goal for UB1 and I'll try harder for PPT and even harder for trial SPM and give the rest of my soul to the real big, important examination, SPM. I'm gonna die of studying. That's it I guess? Please please please pray for my success for this year. I really need all of the supports, energy and whatever more. This is an important year for me and yes, I can't let anyone down. Let's strive to be the best ? Magaadddd that felt so awkward~ Fighting everyone!! yaaaaahhhhhh!! ok bye~

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Eric Nam Justin Bieber 'Love Yourself' Cover with Sungha Jung


Sorry for not being active at all. It's not that I don't have anything to talk about. I have tons of things to tell you gys. I just don't know how to start off and yeah I can't find any suitable time right now. Um,,basically it's my fault for spending too much time on Anime. lelzzsss~ But wait, don't get mad yet! Cuz I still spend rest of ma time doing my homework. I need to finish 3 physics reports. So yeah,,, quite hard for me since I'm not that good in Physics.

So,,,yeah I'll leave you guys with this beautiful serenade by Eric Nam ft Sungha Jung <3 Hope you guys enjoy it :) Goodbye and goodluck :)