besok exam

Assalamualaikum wbt.
 Hai again. So, as you can see from the title, tomorrow is going to be the first day for my final exam -interim week- . Um, yeah I know some of you must be thinking, "why are u uploading a post on blog instead of studying?", lol okay maybe not? maybe that's just this silly negative mind of mine. Um I did study okay don't get me wrong. I just need some time to rest my already packed brain. lol packed lah sangat~~ . Besok I exam ELC (english). Pray for me ye semua. I already finished all sets of past years' exam papers that my lecturer gave me so yeah idk what to do right now since I can't find more exercises hehehehhehehehe nampak sangat malas .

 Malam ni tinggal revise balik all of the papers and semua lah kertas yang pernah buat time kelas. Serious taktau nak buat ape. Should I read the dictionary? lol hehehe memang tak ah sebab exam nya je boleh bawak kamus. I tried googling smthng like "elc past year paper", "uitm elc", "uitm eqps" but to no avail~ So sekarang ni tengah stare into blank space and dengar lagu sedih seriously sejak masuk Uni terus asik dengar lagu sedih . Perasaan homesick dak2 Uni ni memang tiada tandingan hahahha. What? You don't trust me? try masuk dulu. Nanti dah kena 5 weeks of not being able to see your parents, baru you faham.

 Well anyway, to those yang berada di Uitm sama seperti diri ini, just wanna wish good luck to all of you. Jawab betul2, jangan main2. Bila dekat Uni ni, exam ibarat hidup dan mati over betul ayat . Kalau tak lepas exam interim ni, you can't continue your sem1 in September tau. You'll need to continue with your sem1 in December if I'm not mistaken. So yeah, don't take this lightly althoug exam ni hanya untuk subjek ELC and CTU(religious) je. I yang took PQS and PSI ni pon takut nak jawab CTU. Fuh, everything changes when you stepped your feet into Uni. You just want everything to be perfect and according your way and you want your pointer to be above 3.5. or is it just me? . Am I too ambitious? hahahha It's good kan to be ambitious lol

 Haaa ni kalau both my english and malay teacher baca post I mesti they'll be like, "apa ni campur2 pakai manglish (malay+english)", hahagaahahah. okok dah lah tu. Kejap lagi nak Isyak, and after Isyak I'll continue my study so bye!!!



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