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Friday, 26 February 2016

Q&A Part1


Well hey, peeps. So today I decided to just go with a question and answer session since I don't really know what to post. I'm sorry for being inactive for almost 2 months and I'm also sorry for deleting all of my previous post on this blog. I just had to because I want to start a new blog. A new me.I guess? haha, I don't know. So, yeah these are some of the questions that I get asked a lot. Enjoy :) 

1. Your full name?
- Nur Farizah Binti Mohd Zainuri

2. Single or taken?
- Single and taken at the same time.hahaha ok ok I'm single but I'm taken by my parents and by my future husband (omg so cheesy~)

3. Height and weight?
- This type of questions might be sensitive for most of the girls out there, but I'm fine with it so here 151cm and 46kg (short and fat, but still healthy xP)

4. Longest relationship?
- ummm never got in a relationship yeah (dont be shock)

5. At what age do you want to get marry and how many kids would you want to have?
- woooo,,, hahaha,,hmm maybe around 25 or older cuz I wish to have a permanent work first and I want to study and travels a lot. Kids? 4 will be enough I guess..idk~

6. Who you last hugged or kissed?
- I'm not an affectionate kind of person..urm the last time I hugged someone, I can't even remember! like seriously! hahahaha

7. How do you stay fair(skin)? *hot quest
- oh this question. I really don't know how to answer this cuz I am naturally, genetically have fair skin. Got it from both my parents,yep both of em are so fair. So, people and especially my friends out there, note this answer please. You guys keep on asking me what product did I use and stuff. I only bought stuff for my damnstupid acne and not for whitening :)

8. How do u deal with ur lazy self?
- hurmmm tough questions..Usually when I get lazy, I'll just stop doing anything-my homeworks esp- and try to relax and sleep. That's the best solution. Or i'll just stare at the walls or ceilings or whatever. Just don't do anything.

9. Your opinion on gays and lesbians?
- (most probably the hardest question ever). You know, I can't say that I hate gay/lesbian/homo people or what. It's just, I don't have any problem with them and that's their rights to choose whatever they want in their life cuz obviously I don't wanna know what they're doing with their lives. well yeah, in Islam it is prohibited and you can't marry the same sex person cuz if u do that, then it will affect the sexual reproduction. But if you're asking me about those people on social networks, I I think I don't really care. Not saying that I'm supporting them! It's just that, what do u want them to do when they have that kind of feelings? It's about their hearts. But when it comes to Muslims, I will absolutely  disagree with any of those relay. Let say if one of ma friend is gay (and they're muslims), i'll do everything to try and you know,,,comfort him or get him to any counselor or whatever to get him back to his sense and tell him that it is prohibited and he can't do that and stuff. ok stop! this is getting toooooooo long and i'll finish it here. (maybe I'll do a post about this)

10. 3 things you love and hate?
- 3 things that I love are colorful chiffon hijabs(common things for muslims girls), shoes and foods. 3 things that I hate are cucumber, sour stuffs and dark chocolate.

That's all for now. It's getting late and I'm still recovering from my fever. So, I need to stop now and go to sleep. Bye , good night <3